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Resources For Your Business!

There are millions of tools out there to help you with your business.

These are just a few that I have selected that may help you. Some of them I am an affiliate for so if you click on the link and purchase I will earn a commission. Just being honest. 

Feel free to comment with any suggestions that you might have. The more info we can share with people, the better.

FACEBOOK Automation-Safely!!! – This is an incredible tool for automating your Facebook tasks!! Mass Automate The Top Tasks Needed For Viral Traffic & Sales On Facebook!!

4,203 Email Swipes Ready For You To Use!!! Take the HUGE price out of emails and the HUGE amount of work and grab your copy of 4,203 email swipes!!

Leverage Your Facebook Comments and Page Contacts To Build A List Using A Simple 3 Step App –Make more sales, engage your users, and message them as often as you want!

Online Sales Pro – Want To Grow Your Sales On Autopilot?  My main tool for all my businesses. Lead pages, funnels, marketing, traffic etc. Even if you don’t have a business, OSP is a great place to start for any newbie or seasoned marketer.


Turn $100 into $5850 Over & Over Again! This is Speed Feeder and is for anyone wanting to make money fast online.


Traffic Hurricane – FREE to Join! Drive TONS of traffic to your business and earn money!  I use this daily and have generated leads and sales.


Yoonla- Would you like to receive lifetime access to the hottest digital marketing opportunity of 2017? A great FREE program for anyone that wants to start a digital business.


Your Own Digital Empire for $25!  Online training for the new entrepreneur.
Leased Ad Space-$7 for a lifetime!  A great place to advertise your business.



A must have! I use AWeber. There is also and just to name a few.


Web Hosting

I personally use for my web hosting. There are many available. Make sure you evaluate all the packages available and consider which one is best for your needs.

Domain Registrars or NameCheap. I personally use

Payment Processors

It is imperative in today’s tech world to utilize and create accounts on many payment processors.

There is Paypal, Stripe, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, and even bitcoin now. Make sure to read the fine print and I would suggest only signing up for a personal account rather than a business account. 

Selling products (Affiliate) is great. I also use and Free to sign up and huge marketplaces of products to chose from.

Website Creation, Dreamweaver, Wix, Blogger all have options available. If your tight on funds, Blogger and will host your site for you.

Market Research

Before creating any product or breaking into a niche, you need to first research your market.

There are four main factors to look for:

1-Whether the market has high traffic

2-If the market has buyers

3-The market shouldn’t be saturated or too competitive

4-Will the market grow in the long run? If it’s just a trend or fad, it probably won’t last long.

Here are some useful keyword tools to use to research your market…

Google’s Keyword Planner

SEOBook’s Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Google’s Trends

What’s hot? What’s being searched a lot?

Use this tool:


Find profitable keywords faster than ever before using Long Tail Pro. Probably one of the best keyword research software out there.

Need some work done on your site or a logo or basically anything, then or is great!

Hope these helped you out.

If you know of any really good resources, please comment below.

Cheers to your success!