10 More Golden Rules For Internet Marketing

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10 More Golden Rules for Internet Marketing



Golden Rule #1: Be super-efficient in your decision making. You’re checking your email and you’re not sure how to respond to 2 of them, so you decide to answer those later. Result? You forget, and the senders get annoyed, email you again, and the you have to reread the original emails and then decide how to respond. Better – respond immediately so you can put the task behind you.

Or what about this scenario: A new business idea comes across your desk. You spend an hour researching it, but can’t decide what to do so you decide to deal with it
later. But later you’re busy, so you put it off until even later, and of course forget all about it. Two weeks down the road you see the same idea, it still sounds good so you start the process all over again.
Do either of these sound familiar? When you have to re- examine everything that come across your desk, you’ll become overwhelmed and things will fall through the cracks. Instead, learn to make immediate decisions and move on. This way you don’t miss opportunities and your desk and your mind are clear to move forward towards success.

Golden Rule #2: Success leaves a trail. No matter what you want to do, someone before you has already done it or something very similar. Forget trial and error – find those who went before you and see what they did, and then model their success. Focus more on why they were successful than the exact steps they took. Once you know the why’s, you can adapt to almost any situation and get the same positive results.

Golden Rule #3: It might sound cliché, but be an eagle, not a turkey. Turkeys roam the woods and fields, searching for bits of food here and there. For a turkey, whatever happens, happens. An eagle, however, isn’t focused on a microcosm of area, but instead soars high above taking in a broad view of everything that is happening. Based on the information he receives, the eagle then chooses a smaller area to focus on. He circles patiently, waiting for his opportunity. The eagle plans his attack, takes into account all of the relevant factors, and when his/her opportunity comes s/he moves into a 100% committed all out dive straight for his/her prey. Nothing distracts it from its mission as it gives everything it’s got to succeed, because it knows another chance may not come along for some time.
An eagle uses planning and massive action – a turkey hopes something good somehow falls in his lap. Be the eagle.

Golden Rule #4: Be acutely aware of change. All around us things are changing. Old industries are dying while new ones are being born. While you don’t necessarily need to be on the cutting edge, you do need to be well ahead of the curve. Find out what people will want tomorrow and start offering it today.

Golden Rule #5: Focus your efforts. You can’t be all things to all people, nor would you want to try. And you can’t run 5 different businesses at the same time (unless you’ve got the resources to hire 5 different managers.) Choose what it is that you do – whether that’s being the best source of info in your niche, providing answers at steep discounts, interviewing the giants in your industry, etc.
You’ve heard the old adage about a laser beam and a light bulb. Both use the same electricity, yet because it focuses its energy, the laser beam can cut steel.
I guarantee you can be mediocre in 5 or 10 different businesses at the same time. But to be truly great, focus all your time, energy and resources on just one business that you are truly passionate about

Golden Rule #6: You are responsible for your own destiny. Remember that Doris Day song… “Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be.The future’s not ours to see, Que Sera Sera.”
With all due respect to Ms. Day, that’s pure poppycock. If you play the part of passive observer of your life, thinking that you will somehow eventually become whatever it is you want to become, you’re in for disappointments and death bed regrets.
You get the life you make. Stop daydreaming and wishing, and instead begin planning and writing down your goals. Then get committed to taking action. It’s your commitment backed by action that will create the
life you want – not waiting for destiny to strike.
There was a popular movie that told people all they have to do is believe they’ll get what they want, and they will. Again, it’s poppycock. You create your destiny through your actions and your in-actions.
Don’t believe it? Then just try to get the people on your email list to buy a product through your affiliate link by thinking and believing with all your might that they will, without sending them the link.
As we’ve said before, you and you alone are responsible for what you get out of life – you can be the master of your destiny or the victim of your inaction. Your choice.

Golden Rule #7: Take decisive, consistent action. Is something scaring you into inaction? There’s only one remedy – just do it. Now. The longer you wait, the harder it will become. If I tell you to defend yourself, how do you feel? Now if I tell you to attack, do you feel differently? Attack your fears, attack your tasks and attack your day with decisive, consistent action.

Golden Rule #8: Improve your communication skills. The better you are at communicating, both verbally and in writing, the easier it is to be successful. In fact communication skills rank higher as a prerequisite to success than almost any other factor. So join a public speaking group like toastmasters, make it a habit to write everyday, and study what makes for great communication.

Golden Rule #9: Walk a mile in their shoes. Whether you are dealing with customers or employees, the more you can understand their thoughts and feelings, the more successfully you can communicate and persuade.

Golden Rule #10: Gain a working knowledge of every aspect of your business – then outsource the mundane tasks. As an Internet marketer, there are many facets to running your business. By knowing how each works, you’re better able to spot talent when you’re outsourcing the work to others. And yes, this is your ultimate goal – to know just enough about each job to be able to find just the right person to do that job for you. You’ll discover that by outsourcing many of your more mundane tasks, you are free to work on your business, rather than in your business. And only when you’re working on your business can you take it to the six and seven figure levels.

To your massive success,

Kerry xox

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