13 Super Motivational Videos!!

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13 Super Motivational Videos!!

Life can be challenging, even for the most motivated & positive people around.

We all need a little “pick me up” once in awhile, but personally, I recommend listening to some inspirational videos every day.

Listen while exercising, cooking, driving, walking, cleaning or just sitting at the computer… anytime!!

I saw this list last year from Inc.com and the videos are awesome!! Great list!!

I wanted to share this with you. Save this page for quick reference later or save these as your favourites on YouTube.

Enjoy!! Be motivated!! Be inspired!!



Prove them wrong!




How bad do you want it!




Remember Me!


Look Up!


The Last Lecture!


Why we do what we do!


Never Quit!


Amazing Grace!


The Surprising Science of Happiness!


Why do we fall?


Cheers to your motivation!

Your friend,

Kerry xoxo

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