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365 FREE Marketing Tips for you!

Use them as you want. On your blog, to your email subscribers, tweets, tips on Instagram images, or Facebook posts!

Here is a sample of some of the tips you will receive:

Social Media Marketing

  1. A magical way to use Facebook Ads is using “lookalike” audiences. By using lookalike audiences, you upload your email list, and then let Facebook find audiences that look like yours.
  1. Double check graphic sizes before having your graphic designer create any graphics for your ads as they are always changing.
  1. Graphics of people often convert better than graphics of things.
  1. You can use online tools like Canva.com to create amazing social media graphics that will get attention and results.
  1. Social media marketing is about the conversations you can start and join that advances engagement.
  1. The best place to start remarketing ads is on social media.
  1. When you narrow your target, you’ll get more engagement, get more results, and reduce costs.
  1. Try boosting blog posts on Twitter instead of Facebook first due to the lower cost of clicks. If you succeed, do it on Facebook too.
  1. The first thing you should consider when you are working out your social campaigns is your business objective.
  1. Create actionable hashtags like #runfree that Nike used in one of their campaigns. You’ll get more attention.
  1. Social is about life. You can leverage life events in your social campaigns to make a huge impact on your audience.
  1. Try bypassing the landing page by using “call now” buttons so you can talk directly to potential customers or sell directly without a landing page.
  1. Social needs to be hyper-visual. Create a beautiful visual experience for your followers on social media.

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