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Tips to Remember When Writing Your Emails to Your Subscribers

Bring Value to Your Readers.

Make sure your emails are worth your reader’s time. Always try to serve a purpose and write your email from your reader’s point of view and their life. Make sure to always help your reader if possible.

Watch the video below for detailed info!

Be Personal

Your readers are human. Address them in that way either by their first name or use the word “friend”.

I like to use the word “Rockstar”. It has a nice ring to it.

Share your own personal story in short sentences. Let your readers know you care about them and have their best interest at heart. If you can get into this mindset before sending your email, this will help.

Write your email as if your writing to one person, not thousands. Very important!! 

Watch the video below for detailed info!

Be Funny

Try to slip a bit of humour into your email. This will help to lighten your reader’s mood and keep them reading.

Most times, readers might be thinking you have an angle, which in most cases you do have a call to action but sometimes adding humour to it can lead to more clicks. 

Watch the video below for detailed info!

Use Emojis In Your Headlines

I have found lately that emojis in my headlines work better for getting people to open my emails.

The first goal on any email is getting your reader to open it. I have used various emojis as a test and all have worked great.

Watch the video below for detailed info!

Re-read You Email Over and Over Again

Always read your email over a million times before you send it. Ok, maybe not a million, but a lot.

This will help you read it from the other person’s point of view, catch errors and fix any sentence issues and links. Send the email to yourself first.

Watch the video below for detailed info!

Use Your Posts on Social Media as Content

Quite often I will send an email simply with a link to either my FB Live post or a blog post or something that I have posted on social media. Your posts on social media can be great content!

Choose your format carefully.

Using templates with tons of graphics might be overdoing it sometimes. Be careful on your style of email. Sometimes too much “stuff” can cause your reader to close the email and not read further.

Watch the video below for more detailed info on emails and for some daily method of operation tips.

Cheers to your success!!

Your friend, Kerry xoxo

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