Happy New Year!! As you head into 2016!

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WOW! 2015 has been an incredible year!! I have no regrets and I hope you don’t as well. 

My life took a major turn this year as I dove into personal development and the network marketing industry. I did not make millions of dollars, but I succeeded in so many other ways. I was able to learn HUGE this year, I found an amazing mentor, I met thousands of amazing people and I am proud of what I accomplished. 

I hope you can travel into 2016 with no baggage and start fresh! I wish that for you!

Here are a few things we should let go of from 2015 as we head into 2016:

  1. Toxic Relationships
  2. Mistakes we made
  3. Disappointments we encountered
  4. Our fears
  5. Our limiting beliefs
  6. Complaining and blaming
  7. Excuses
  8. Comparing ourselves to others
  9. Bad habits
  10. Resolutions


Things we should all do in 2016 to help us be the best we can be:

  1. Develop a plan that is catered to you and one that you can stick with
  2. Invest in yourself – read more, take courses, listen to motivational audios
  3. Feed your mind with positive stuff
  4. Start a grateful journal – This is an AWESOME idea! I started one this year and love it!!
  5. Believe in yourself and your greatness
  6. Be kind
  7. Smile and laugh more
  8. Turn your dreams into reality!!


As Jim Rohn says a few simple disciplines practiced every day is success.


I wish you massive success in 2016! 

Happy New Year!! All the best for an amazing year for you and your family!!

Keep smiling! 


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