How To Empower Your Team Members To Discover and Develop Their Strengths & Feel More Confident

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Maybe youíve seen them; the one employee who is doing extremely well in their job. Are they ready to take on more responsibility? Perhaps they are. Or maybe they are very close but need help discovering and developing their strengths so they become more confident. The latter is where you come in as the team leader.

You will most likely be the one to encourage them to build their strengths and gain more confidence in themselves. By helping your team members grow within the company you are empowering them to take on more responsibility and to make better decisions.

How do you empower them?

Begin by helping them learn and develop their skills. If they feel like their skills are being under-utilized, they may begin to doubt their abilities. Help them improve their abilities and learn new skills so they can play a strong role when contributing to projects. Give them access to courses and training. Allow them time to study a project they are passionate about.

Next delegate specific tasks step-by-step that helps them grow in areas they are interested in pursuing. Donít leave them to their own devices in unfamiliar territory. Stick close by them until you see they no longer need your guidance. Gradually give them more responsibilities.

Continue empowering your team membersí confidence by being supportive of them. Build a strong foundation by connecting one-on-one with individuals. Really listen to their concerns and show them how much they are already contributing.

As the team leader you will have influence over who does what projects. Use this to help build someoneís confidence, giving them work they are good at and will be interested in. Their confidence and motivation will bloom when they have a chance to use their skills.

Let them know what your expectations are from the beginning. They need to know what the end goal is for a project for them to feel truly empowered. Be sure to clearly share what the short-term and long-term plans are for the company and for each project they are asked to do.

Give objective feedback regularly. Let your team members know how they are doing and what they can do to improve.

Create an environment that encourages your team members to grow and learn new skills.

Provide your team with all the information they need for any project you ask them to do that they normally donít do.

Give your advice when itís needed or asked for. Be available for your team members by making it easy for them to ask questions or get your feedback on something. Always let them know you are happy to answer their questions.

As a successful team leader you need to learn how to empower your team members to discover and develop their strengths and feel more confident in their abilities on the job. Help them make confident decisions, learn new skills and take on new projects with confidence.

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