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Instagram Ads! It is time for you to start making money!!

Instagram has 600 Million monthly active users and highest browsers to buyer ratio…

Why should that matter to you?

You have the biggest opportunity to turn your site into an ultimate traffic magnet and increase profit at breathtaking speed.

Chances are endless to get the most out of this photo and video sharing platform.


What is Instagram?


Instagram is a social networking application that is designed for sharing videos and photos using smartphones and other devices. As with Twitter and Facebook, Instagram users also have their own account, with their profile and newsfeed.

The app was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, and was released on October 10, 2010. It instantly became popular and gained more than 100 million users in April 2012, and more than 300 million in December 2014.

Photos and videos posted by users on Instagram are automatically displayed in their profiles. Instagram users can follow each other and see each other’s posts on their newsfeed. Instagram is actually Facebook’s simplified version, the only difference is that its emphasis is on video and photo sharing only.

It’s a social media app, and therefore it is very simple to interact with other Instagram users by just following them, liking, tagging, and commenting on their videos and photos, as well as private messaging them.

When devising your internet marketing strategy, it can be all too easy to forget about Instagram in the mix. Compared with Facebook, Instagram has relatively few users and it’s not as clear how it can be monetized. There’s no content in an image and people don’t want pictures in their Instagram feed telling them to ‘buy now’ or sign up to their mailing list…

So with all that in mind, why would you invest a lot of time or money into the platform?

Well actually there are a lot of good reasons. When used correctly, Instagram is a fantastic way to promote products and services, to increase your brand’s visibility and to position yourself as a hip and artistic organization. Instagram is bigger than Twitter and its users are far more engaged and far happier to buy products – even when compared with Facebook itself!

Let’s take a look then at what Instagram actually is and why it matters in a big way for your business…



Instagram Benefits for Businesses


Using Instagram as a social media platform for your business gives you a lot of perks and opportunities for generating more profit.


Increase Customer Engagement


Most of the time, brand posts and updates on Twitter and Facebook are overlooked by users. This is not true for the users of Instagram, because if your Instagram account is active and posts relevant and interesting content, you will gain higher engagement from followers (customers and potential customers).

The latest study of Instagram has found that its content is 58 times more engaging compared to Facebook, and generates 120 times more engagement than Twitter.

My posts on Instagram will get over 200 likes where the same post on Facebook will bring me 30-60 likes. See the difference?



Build Identity and Trust


As your brand becomes more popular on Instagram due to engaging content, it eventually helps your business gain the trust of your target audience. With the nature of online marketing, Instagram can significantly help you build an emotional connection with your customers.

Using Instagram allows you to keep your customers updated with your business’ daily experiences in a casual way—giving your business a personal appeal. Photos are also helpful to make your business look more trustworthy and attractive.



Increase Traffic


Although there are no options for you to include links to your Instagram updates, it is still very powerful for increase traffic.

If you have a high percentage of engagement and traffic on Twitter and Facebook, you also maintain a strong profile on Instagram to increase your business’ visibility.


But, not everyone knows how to make the best use of Instagram Ads in the most effective way.

So, how do you start making profits from Instagram Ads?


To help people in this Niche & keep their brand on top of the minds of their customers my friend Dr. Amit Pareek has created a step-by-step training “Instagram Ads Biz in a Box”.


I grabbed the training myself the other day and it is AMAZING!! Complete step-by-step and there is also a free PDF download.

Grab your training as soon as possible and start learning how to profit from Instagram Ads.

Cheers to your success!!

Your friend & mentor,


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