Pinterest SEO Tips to Develop Backlinks to Your Site

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Pinterest SEO Tips to Develop Backlinks to Your Site

Pinterest is  growing at a fast rate and gaining huge popularity on the web. The site has an active, fun base of users who visit it daily due to its unmatched layout and unique content sharing system.


Just like other social networks, it allows individuals and business owners to post and share all types of content with other users.

As for most online businesses, the fastest and easiest way to promote their services is by the use of SEO marketing tools, such as natural link building.


In addition, people always link to sites that have relevant content and if the audiences found the content relevant, they will share it. This increases your brands popularity.



The following are tips on how to get backlinks from Pinterest SEO:

Have a verified account


In order to get Pinterest backlinks, you should have a verified account on Pinterest. You will therefore get a follow link from Pinterest, which is seen as a bonus traffic generation tool.


Ensure that the content you are sharing with your audience is relevant and easy to understand, as it will have more repins. The more your content gets repined, the more backlinks and traffic your site will get.

Comment on worthy and relevant blogs


Use Pinterest search to identify particular keywords and even comment on them. You can also do this by categories on boards, pins, or pinners, and this will help build your credibility on such subjects.


Another benefit of commenting on other blogs is that you will be able to add a link or more links back to your site. Commenting on relevant blogs can also develop more backlinks to your site, and you get the opportunity to become a guest blogger.

Use keywords targeting to rank your boards and pins on popular search engines


Pinterest pages ranked high and with relevant keywords have a chance of getting high quality backlinks and boosting your Pinterest SEO.

With Pinterest, it is important to avoid the use of hashtags and instead use searchable keywords to describe your images.

However, when using hashtags, do not stuff them on your page, but use them only on certain words to highlight them.

Learn more from your competitors

It is always easy to learn what content is being promoted or re-pinned from by your competitors on Pinterest.

You are also able to know those who repin their content from their websites directly and use this to your advantage.


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