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Grow Your Loyal Audience with Facebook Live


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Your Guide to Growing Your Loyal Audience using Facebook Live and Turning Them into Subscribers and Sales


Facebook Live lets you use video on Facebook to connect with your followers and friends through real time videos. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone doing business using Facebook or the Internet. Before, you had to go to another platform to conduct live videos like Blab or Periscope.


Now, you can perform your event live for the audience you’ve worked hard to build right on Facebook. There are so many possibilities with Facebook Live to help you turn your followers into subscribers and make more sales. As the number one social network used by business owners, this is a wonderful way to make use of Facebook to help you market your business even more on Facebook. Now you can use Facebook to engage with users in even better ways.


With Facebook Live, you can take your followers behind the scenes, conduct a webinar, and more. The possibilities are endless. You can use Facebook Live via your mobile device or via your computer desktop using Livestream app. That means you can use it while you’re in your home office, or while you’re on the go. You can create up to 90 minutes of video. This can be saved and shared with your followers after it’s recorded.


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