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Are you struggling with debt? Maybe you need a new car? Are you retired but need extra money? Or maybe you just want to be happy and not have to worry about bills or money and you’ve decided that you want to become an entrepreneur and join the world of network marketing! This is great! Not sure where to start or which company to join? It seems that network marketing is making massive waves in the online world and it could be quite difficult to chose which one is right for you. Well, your success or failure will depend on the company that you choose to join and what you’re passionate about! Your choice depends on a product or service that you MUST believe in and can get behind. Below are some things to consider before joining any company.

Mission Statement
What does the financial past look like for the company? What is their mission statement for the future? Is the CEO focusing on the company’s mission statement or focusing more on money and issues? Go for the one with the documented financial plan and one that has proven success many times over.

The demand for the product
Does the product bring value to people? Is it affordable and easy to order? Nowadays, companies must focus on healthier living, social retail apps and what value the product can bring to people. If these areas are not clear and apparent, you may struggle trying to get people to try your product or service. Does the company focus on customers and offering customers rewards? This is so vital in today’s online world! People want a great product or service PLUS are rewarded for their dedication!

The type of product or service
My advice would be to consider a networking company whose product or service is neither seasonal nor trendy. A company that offers products that is untimely and appeal to the consumers in all seasons should be the best choice for you as a distributor. Products or service that can fulfill everyday needs for people is essential.

The type of a person recruiting you
Be sure that the person who wants you to join the company as a distributor is committed to your success and is willing to help you and show you how to duplicate. In network marketing, you need a leader to train and keep in touch with you. A leader will show you to their mentor, advice on steps to take and be available for questions.

Before you become a distributor of a network marketing company, consider whether it will be enjoyable to work with the company. You will need to be EXCITED! You won’t be able to convince people to buy the product if you can’t show excitement and your love for the product or service. Also, in order to help other people earn an income and join you, you must be full of excitement on the vision you have to help people!

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Keep smiling! Always be grateful!


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