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Sample Facebook Posts For More Engagement

Sometimes trying to figure out what to post on Facebook can be time consuming and just really difficult.

We all want engagement right? More likes and more comments means more followers, more leads, and eventually more sales or people joining our business.

Here are some sample ideas on how to increase engagement on your Facebook fan page or even your personal page:

Pose a problem and ask for advice

A contest post

Run a poll

Share the results of your poll

Share inspirational images

Fill in the blank

Follow Friday

A seasonal post

Blog post excerpts

Fan-only discount

Cross-promote with someone else in your niche

Fan challenge

Link to a tutorial

An expert tip

A personal post

Be imperfect

Share a picture of your business, employees or office


Customer success stories or testimonials

Caption a photo


A video

Links to other people’s content

Posts thanking fans


Industry news

Ask them what their pain point is so you can offer advice or create a product

Full video here:

Hope this helps you!

To your massive success,

Kerry xox

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