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Social Media Credibility & Instagram

Building credibility on social media takes time and hard work.

You need to be consistent daily, provide value and content and engage on social media. 

Our psychology  immediately registers a “leader” when we see posts that have hundreds of likes, tons of comments and many shares.

We right away think that this person is credible and worthy of a follow.

This status takes time, years in fact. That is the cold hard truth.

There are ways to build a following much faster. We can use Facebook ads, buy traffic, buy followers and buy likes. But when you buy followers and likes, especially on Instagram, these are FAKE.

Yes, fake and it makes your profile look sad. For instance, find someone on Instagram and they have 30k followers, yet their posts only get 500 likes…… bells start to ring right?

Well, there is a way to scale that up the real way. A brand new system is in place that will provide you with REAL followers and REAL likes which will help to build your credibility.

Always level up your lifestyle at every possible chance you have so you can keep growing.

The Instagram Explore page is what everyone is after, whether you’re brand new to marking on Instagram or you’re an experienced veteran then if you can get your pictures on Instagram’s explore page you will be able to build a MASSIVE following.

The only problem is that it is nearly impossible to get on the Instagram explore page if you don’t have a large following already or get much engagement on your photos.


👉Your time for InstaFame 

I hope you got value from this!

Cheers to your success!

Your friend,

Kerry xoxo

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