Steps to take to ROCK your Network Marketing business!

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Things I learned that will help you ROCK your new network marketing business!


Making a million dollars in network marketing would be huge!! I believe you can do it! I believe I can do it!!

So you have joined the amazing world of network marketing in hopes of a happier, financially free life that you can be proud of. AWESOME! I wish you huge success!

Network marketing probably has produced more millionaires than any other industry out there. But…. It takes time and effort. It won’t just happen overnight.

If you’re willing to put in the work and be passionate about what your new endeavours, success will find you at some point for sure!


Some key things that I have learned since I joined network marketing which I hope will help you on your road to success!


  1. Find a documented mentor! And preferably one that has already achieved your goals. Listen and learn from them and do what they teach
  2. Make a 100’s list- make a list (actually write it down) of all your friends, family, acquaintances, facebook friends, etc
  3. Start making calls right away-the more calls you make, the easier it will become
  4. Say as little as possible to as many people as possible. Peak interest!!
  5. Make new connections everyday with people
  6. Have a daily checklist of your routine and what you need to accomplish. Don’t just go at the day without a plan. This will lead to confusion and confusion = nothing done
  7. Be consistent and persistent. A few simple disciplines practiced each day will lead to your success
  8. Adjust your mindset! Don’t go out there with the mindset of making a million dollars. Be mindful of others. This is your business. Have the mindset on how you can help a million people, how you can make a million friends or connections. The more people you help, the better your life will become. If you’re in it for the money only, it won’t work.
  9. Be a listener not a salesperson. Listen to what people needs are and offer a solution. Don’t just go at everyone like a salesperson. People don’t enjoy sales people.


Be a doer and implement all you learn!


Did this post help you? I hope so! I’m sharing the love of what I’m learning! I would greatly appreciate your comments below and your love of sharing with your friends!

Cheers to your success always! Keep smiling!



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