Successful Goal Accomplishment-5 Steps to Ensure Success

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Successful Goal Accomplishment-5 Steps to Ensure Success

V-I-P-E-R is a 5-step method:

• V isualize: Truly visualize the goal
• I mplement: Implement techniques to succeed in the goal
• P lanning: distinguish plan factors based on the techniques • E xecution: Get moving on the plan and goal
• R ecap: evaluate the outcome and future steps

Don’t let the simpleness of the model fool you. While these five steps appear very easy by themselves, they’re the core of successful goal

achievements, particularly for big goals where the ‘What’ and ‘How’ toward accomplishing them becomes subtle.

Say your goal is to build a bridge.

  •  Visualize: Truly visualize building the bridge
  •  Implement: implement techniques to build a bridge, likeovercoming wind resistance, seeing to it the bridge can supportits own weight, amidst others
  •  Planning: distinguish plan factors like bridge location , size ofteam, safeguards, precise sort and number of materials to use inconstruction, and so forth
  •  Execution: employed workers, secured construction materials,began actual construction of the bridge
  •  Recap: evaluated the final structure.Every step is needed in the success of the goal.
    They’re separate parts of a system that make it whole. Attempting to omit any of the steps will endanger your chances and level of success.The steps happen in sequence – implying the first step needs to be complete prior to going to the second, etc.

    Advancement through the steps represents your goal being evidenced in your mind to physical production.

    As you begin with the beginning step, it’s basically a creation in your brain. As you move through the steps, you’re basically taking that virtual creation in your brain and giving it physical form and shape in our world.

Your time and energy are exceedingly precious, so it’s better to invest a little portion of time to arrange the right goals.

You don’t wish to waste your efforts on ill set goals and wind up crying over spilled milk after discovering you’ve spent your time in vain.

You don’t want to be blowing time on goals you never truly wanted in the first place.

Make sure to set yourself up for success!!

Cheers to your success!

Your friend, Kerry xoxo

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