Tips on How to Build a Fan Base on Social Media

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It’s all about the “Social!” Yes it is!

If you’re an entrepreneur, social media is now the best way to build your fan base and build a following. Businesses need customers, fans and amazing followers that will help to spread the word about who you are. How can you achieve a huge following? How can you engage people and get them to know you? People will do business with those people that they like, know and trust.

You need to be GENUINE. Key word here peeps, GENUINE. Don’t fake the engagement. People can sense your authenticity and if there is slight doubt about your true intentions, your profile will flop.

Here are some tips to consider about building a fan base that I have learned during my network marketing journey:

  • As I mentioned before, be GENUINE. Show people who you really are. Every once in awhile, post personal stuff about yourself, your family, your pets, your hobbies etc.
  • Avoid any posts about your opinions on religion or politics. This is a scary area to get into it.
  • Network with your fans. Comment back to them on their posts or on their comments on your post. Like their posts!
  • Fill your profile with relevant posts and images about who you are. People will get a sense of the awesome person you are! Include a couple of hash tags too! This will show your posts on searches
  • Don’t tag people in your posts unless it is a personal photo or event
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • Avoid spamming your profile with product images
  • Create a blog!
  • Provide value and FREE value! Let’s face it, we all love free stuff!
  • Do videos! People love videos and it’s a great chance to show people who you are


The bigger the fan base you have, the better it will be for you and your business. A key item to remember is word of mouth or as it is called on social media, SHARING. If your content is bang on, people will share it and this is HUGE for your following.

Did this post help you? I hope so!! I’m sharing the love of what I’m learning! I would greatly appreciate your comments below and your love of sharing with your friends!

Cheers to your success always!! Keep smiling!


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