Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business Productivity

Mobile apps that help you become more productive in your business are very important today. People want answers now, and they want action now. They don’t want to wait until you get to your PC. What’s more important is that you don’t want to wait either.

With the advent of high-speed wireless internet and mobile devices that are literally small computers, you can work from almost anyplace with almost any device. If you’re not using any of these mobile apps then you’re missing out. These apps will help you succeed.

App #1: is a project management app that works with all devices. Your tasks, checklists, reminders and events are in one place so that you can access it from anywhere. Fast syncing and the ability to share makes it great for collaborating with others. In addition, it works with Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud and much more. You can customize everything to make it your own and do things the way you like. You can even use voice to capture tasks.


App #2: Buffer


You know that Buffer works on your desktop to help you keep up with social media posts. But, you can do the same thing with the mobile apps. This is going to make your life easier because you no longer need to wait until you get to your desk. You can get a lot of work done while sitting in a waiting room or while your kids are playing sports. There is one for Android and for iOS. You can share to multiple social media accounts, get actionable analytics, and share using custom time schedule. There are free plans as well as premium business plans with various functionality based on the level you purchase.


App #3: Asana

Get the right mobile apps and you can run your business from a distance without even using a personal computer. Asana works with Android, iSO and G Suite too. You can track tasks, projects, conversations, and notifications alike. If you have a team, or even if you just need to get your work organized this app will increase your productivity exponentially and what’s more is you can get the apps free.


App #4: Nut Cache

Create teams, organize, track and deliver every project on time and within your budget. You can use this app to save time, ensure deadlines are met, collaborate, and manage your priorities with ease. It has project management, time tracking, individual project dashboards, expensing, and invoicing all in one project management app. It’s all available on PC and on mobile devices across platforms.


App #5: LastPass

You may be wondering what’s productive about a password manager. Well, if you use it on your desktop you should most certainly use it on your mobile devices to ensure that you never lose access to your important accounts such as your project manager, your bank, and others. Having access to everything with one password is essential so that you never have to miss out on important communication from your team, clients, or customers.


App #6: EverNote

One of the most frustrating things when you get an amazing new idea is not having a place to write it down so you can remember it. With Evernote, your notes, clippings, and more will always be where you are. No matter what device you want to use, it’s all synced together perfectly for you to access and add to whenever you desire. Snap a picture of your receipts, take a snapshot of the sunset, whatever you want to find later will be easy to access when you use Evernote.

App #7: Quip

Notes and information get lost easily in an email, especially if the people you’re communicating with create poor subject lines. Quip helps with that by putting everyone on the same page. You can create, share, and discuss your documents with your team asynchronously or synchronously without using email and from multiple devices without changing how you work.


App #8:


Need mobile web conferencing capability? Join me is an android and iOS app that allows you to host and attend web conferences without any downloads. It integrates with Slack, Outlook, Office 365 and more. You can start meetings from your phone and share your presentation or other documents with attendees easily with just a touch of a button. Also, you can collaborate on documents with your team with annotations.


App #9: Microsoft Office Mobile

If you’re not using Office 365, you’re missing out. It has many of the regular features of Office but you can use it on your mobile device. With tight security, easy navigation, automatically updated software, you really can’t beat this app for productivity in terms of using software that is a continuation of what you use at your home or office.


App #10: Mobile WordPress

If you have a website, you know the importance of keeping your content fresh. But when you’re on the go a lot, that can sometimes be hard. But if your site is built with WordPress, you’re in luck. You can publish new posts from anyplace in the world if you have an internet connection. You can monitor your stats so that you know which posts are getting traffic and where your readers are coming from. You can also set up your WordPress to send notifications to your phone so that you can maintain engagement via blog comments.


These top-10 mobile apps for business productivity will help you maintain efficiency no matter where you are if you have internet access.

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