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Twitter – How to Get More Leads & Traffic

Actively make tweets
Twitter does not use multimedia content as richly as Facebook does. In Twitter, posts in the form of text are what keep things going. If you do not Tweet regularly, you will be left out of the game. Always Tweet so your followers will keep visiting your page. If they do not visit your page, they will not see the links that you provide.

Always reply with links
The same with Facebook, you should always include a link every time you make a reply (e.g. for more information, please visit). This should give your main website a lot of traffic. And do not keep using the same link over and over again. If you are always using the URL of your website’s homepage, try posting the URL of your website’s subpages once in a while. You can also post a link that will lead your followers to your other social media pages like Youtube and Facebook. This is just to avoid excessive and annoying repetition.

Follow Twitter of related companies/organizations
You should know the big giants in the industry you are in (e.g. Microsoft and Apple in computers, Loreal and Maybelline in cosmetics, and Samsung and Apple in mobile phones). You should follow them on Twitter. This way, their millions of subscribers might just see your account. This is because your account’s name will appear on their list of followers. But it would be better if you manage to get them to follow you as well. It will have a big impact on your company’s image.

Make dummy accounts
You want to get people on Twitter to be talking about your product. But someone must give it momentum. Create dummy accounts and use them to talk about you. When making a comment using the dummy accounts, make sure that you sound natural and convincing. IF possible, each dummy account must use a different style of speech.

Get your initial wave of followers
You must get a lot of followers in order to expose your page to a lot of Twitter users. To get started, invite your friends and family to follow you on Twitter. You can also use dummy accounts. Also, you need to make sure that those dummy accounts are not ‘obviously’ dummy accounts. The dummy accounts should also start following other users to avoid suspicion. You might also want to hire someone to manage all those accounts.

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